Four years ago we introduced a pair of trousers that changed the way we, and many of our customers,
think about fit. We called them our Ultimate trousers and they proved an instant success. Their secret
was ingenious construction with concealed mesh panels that tamed curves instantly and made us all
feel like we had dropped a dress size overnight. It was amazing. Revelatory. And your enthusiastic
response was such that we soon began to apply our 'bodycon' expertise to jeans and dresses.

We still offer the original Ultimate trousers in fresh new colours every collection. They remain run-
away best sellers. Our jeans and dresses improve each season too, whether it's updating the fabric or
adding new styles and leg shapes, while the core element – the Ultimate construction – remains



A revelation for any woman who struggles to find great-fitting, flattering jeans.
They're amazing, and so comfortable too!


As with our jeans your tummy is flattened, curves are tamed and you can step out in
style with body confidence and all-day long comfort.