With its luxurious look and buttery soft hand-feel, our new season zip jacket very closely
           resembles natural suede leather. But it isn’t and here’s why:

           Firstly this new suedette cloth which we source from one of the world’s most advanced
           fabric mills is lighter in weight than real suede; it’s also fully knitted so has inherent 
           stretch, making the finished garment flatteringly fitted, very comfortable to wear, and
           indoor/outdoor versatile.


            On a practical note, natural suede is extremely sensitive to water, making it tough to clean
            and, in showery climate, best enjoyed with an umbrella to hand! No such issues with this 
            exceptional suedette which can be enjoyed with impunity and simply machine washed as
            needed – though we’d still recommend you take that brolly with you!
            Last and by no means least is cost. A beautifully made real suede jacket for under £100?
            That’ll be the day!