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Eye-catching ladies’ gilets: on-trend, sleeveless body warmers

Gilets are just the ticket during transitional seasons–when the sun is out but cool draughts are still a force to be reckoned with. A sleeveless ladies’ gilet provides exactly the right combination of warmth and freedom of movement. Fans of the outdoors love the practical garment but a stylish, quilted gilet in a bold colour can also make a statement.

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Discover more about gilets here.

Discover Artigiano’s range of padded and quilted gilets

Stitches for striking effects: it’s all about the seams!

Ladies’ body warmers that leave you unencumbered

Finding the perfect fit for your figure

What to wear with your new gilet?

Care instructions for quilted gilets: keeping your body warmer as good as new

Shopping at Artigiano: dedicated to the best possible customer experience

Discover Artigiano’s range of padded and quilted gilets

Gilets are an ideal choice for both work and leisure, since they are lightweight, comfortable and warm. At the same time, Artigiano’s collection of versatile pieces allows you to underline your personal style and choose a gilet that perfectly completes your look.

All our gilets, both quilted and padded, will flatter your silhouette thanks to their immaculate cuts and beautifully executed details. Feel and look amazing with one of our stylish sleeveless body warmers in eye-catching block colours–and get your dazzling accessories, glamorous handbags and matching shoes while you’re shopping!

Stitches for striking effects: it’s all about the seams!

What makes ladiesgilets such stunning garments is the quilting–without it, your figure would just be smothered by layers of padding. The quilting of many gilets runs horizontally or vertically, but some also feature diagonal stitching, creating stripes, diamonds or squares that enhance the look and feel of the finished garment. The skilfully executed seams create patterns which enhance your silhouette and even smuggle away a few extra pounds.

The material of choice is usually microfibre and polyamide for lining and padding. Thanks to this, a gilet won’t weigh you down and is warm and waterproof. These lightweight, sleeveless body warmers are crease-resistant, easy to care for companions but they don’t compromise on style.

Ladies’ body warmers that leave you unencumbered:

A gilet can be worn over a blouse or top, but also goes over a jumper or sweatshirt, serving as a jacket replacement and body warmer. These functional sleeveless items are one of the classic basics of a woman’s wardrobe, not only for their functionality but also their versatility as gilets cover all styles, from elegant to sporty.

Elegant, classic gilets

If you want to go for elegance, choose a classic quilted gilet with a diamond pattern and muted colours like navy, charcoal or black. Unusual materials like cashmere instead of microfibre, and knitted gilets with no padding at all are very elegant. A body warmer like this, worn with a solid colour blouse, can be combined with trousers and court shoes for the office or with a pair of jeans and boots for a slightly more casual touch.

Eye-catching colours for fashionistas

Gilets can dazzle–just go for bright colours like pink or yellow, metallic shades, faux fur or special buttons. Fashion lovers prefer diagonal or horizontal stitching for the padding, or seam detailing to create a figure hugging effect. On-trend gilets look good with jeans but also with long skirts or dresses–no holds barred!

Sporty and casual sleeveless vests

Quilted or padded gilets with horizontal stitching give a particularly athletic look. Pockets and zips underline the casual outdoors style. Gilets for active women are especially attractive in fresh colours and worn with t-shirts or sweatshirts, cargo pants or jeans, and matching trainers.

Finding the perfect fit for your figure

Among the many advantages of women’s gilets is the fact that they can help distract from some areas and enhance others. It’s just a question of selecting the right cut and pattern.

Generous figure

Select a longer gilet covering your hips, with vertical or diagonal seams if you have a full figure, and wear it open. Dark colours are great for a visual slimming effect.

Narrow waist

Show off your waist to its advantage with a gilet that is tailored to fit, with diagonal quilting that will further narrow this area and conjure up a very feminine silhouette. If you are very slender, you’ll even get away with a belt worn over your gilet!

Slender torso and small bust

A generously padded or quilted gilet with ruffles and large diamond patterns provides something of a push-up effect for your bust. Light colours are helpful in generating volume, as well.

What to wear with your new gilet?

The overall effect of your gilet depends on what you wear with it. Combine your acquisition with a chic ladies’ polo shirt to achieve a sophisticated casual look, or with a warm jumper for leisure. A silky women’s blouse with a dark, shimmering gilet is perfectly acceptable for professional environments. Of course gilets are best colour-matched with the rest of your outfit for a complementary result–browse Artigiano’s range of stylish bags, belts and shoes to coordinate with our ladies’ gilets.

Care instructions for quilted gilets: keeping your body warmer as good as new

Most of our gilets are really easy care items, but you should check the care instructions on the manufacturer’s label. They will tell you whether and how to wash the garment. Gilets with lining and padding made of polyamide usually go into the washing machine at a gentle cycle and a maximum of 40°C with a mild detergent. The synthetic materials dry quickly and should be hung on a hanger.

Gilets made from high quality materials like cashmere are best hand washed and dried spread out horizontally on a towel.

Shopping at Artigiano: dedicated to the best possible customer experience

Comfort, quality and laid-back luxury characterise Artigiano’s range of gilets–and the same goes for your shopping experience. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly, competent customer service team for any question about our collections or how to obtain an item. Browse our online shop for a gilet and maybe some other items to complete your new look, and choose your payment option– a UK debit card or credit card (Visa and MasterCard only) or PayPal. Your new gilet will be on its way and in your hands within a few days!


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