Artigiano’s footwear and accessories: it’s all in the detail

Some fashion businesses see women’s footwear and accessories asFive Artigiano Belts in Multiple Colours an ‘add on’ – a kind of afterthought, but to Artigiano they’re fundamental. We believe that wonderful shoes and bags are essential building blocks of your wardrobe. Considered, crafted and of the best quality for value, our footwear and accessories have as much love in the making as our clothes:

To Italy and beyond…

Italy is famous for its fine leather goods tradition and is where most of our footwear and all our accessories are made. Sandals, slippers and select shoe styles also come from Alicante, a region of Spain renowned for artisanal shoe manufacturing.

Three Leather Clutch Bags in Multiple Colours

It’s personal

Over the years we’ve established close working relationships with our suppliers. From sharing design ideas to trusting they’ll source the best hides for our styles, it’s always a rewarding collaboration.

Artigiano Black Moccasins

Comfort at the core

Shoes that just look good are no good – as any woman will testify! Underfoot cushioning and inspired detailing like elasticated trims and insets ensure all-day comfort, while the latest technologies improve anti-slip safety, add flexibility, and increase longevity.

The finishing touches

From stylish trims on a loafer to the YKK zip on a handbag, our shoes and accessories are finished with flair and every component is of the best possible quality. The result is a shoe, a boot or a belt we know will last for all the seasons you’ll want to wear it.