The 4 Keys to Artigiano’s Women’s Clothing Quality

From ‘Gold Seal Samples’ to sent back items, find out how we prioritise and maintain Artigiano quality

‘Quality, cut, fit, finish’ – Quality is one if the four Artigiano watchwords and indeed, is a key component of the other three. But words are easy to use an it’s our actions that deliver these care values, so here’s a little insight into how we maintain the highest possible standards:
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Once all the elements of a garment are approved, a final sample is made. This must be perfect for fabric, fit, trims – every detail. It then becomes the ‘Gold Seal Sample’ – the benchmark against which all subsequent stock will be measured.


Besides consignment checking on delivery, random checks are also made on stock against the Gold Seal Sample throughout the season to ensure that every garment is equality as good – with 100% consistency in colour, fabric, cut and finish.


If fabric concerns do arise, a process called ‘Cut and Weigh’ takes place: a special tool cuts a Piece of fabric from the garment and its weight is compared with an identically sized piece from the Gold Seal Sample. Any discrepancies in fabric Quality are instantly apparent.


All returned garments are also monitored and documented immediate Action takes place as necessary and, at the close of every season, a Returns Review Meeting ensures nothing slips through the net and all possible improvements are actioned.