6 Fashion Faux Pas Every Woman Should Avoid

The world of fashion can be a fickle thing.

While the merits of some trends are still up for debate, there are certain fashion faux pas that we can all agree are unforgivable.

So, to stop you from becoming a fashion “do not”, we have put together a helpful guide to avoiding the most common fashion mistakes.

1. Don’t Blindly Follow Trends

Trends come and go. While it’s good that you want to look trendy, it’s important that you focus on the ones that compliment your shape and style and avoid the rest. If a certain style becomes all the rage and it really doesn’t suit you – move along to the next fad. This one isn’t for you.

Another problem with wearing too many in-vogue styles together is that they can begin to clash with one another. Plus, it might make you look like you’re trying a bit too hard.

The trick is to not overdo any trend and to keep in mind that only you know what suits you best!

2. Avoid Too Many Accessories

Model Wearing Carefully Selected Necklace AccessoryAccessories are a great way of accenting certain parts of your outfit. Although, the approach to take whenever deciding how many to wear should always be “less is more”.

Say you’ve decided to wear a show-stopping statement necklace with your outfit. There’s no need to now clutter it up with glitzy rings and bracelets.

Let it take the spotlight and have your accessories play a supporting role.

Remember, the fewer accessories you have on, the more impact the ones you are wearing will make.

3. Wear Clothes That Fit!

Another all too common fashion blunder we see women committing is wearing clothes that just don’t fit. Here at Artigiano, we are firm believers of the rule that your clothes should always be the right size and shape – unless that’s the style you’re going for, of course.

It’s best to avoid wearing garments that are too tight and uncomfortable, or too big and bulky for your body type. Having to constantly adjust your outfit is a sure sign of a poor fit.

To stop this from ever happening, you need to be realistic with your purchases and wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and flatter your figure.

4. Avoid Too Much Print

Model Wearing Outfit with Balanced PatternsMixing and matching patterns and fabrics can be a great way to come across combinations that are a match made in heaven. However, wearing too much of one or pairing patterns that clash is a definite style ‘no-no’!

For example, dressing yourself from head to toe in animal print is a textbook fashion faux pas that should be avoided at all costs. Equally, animal prints also clash with other patterns such as florals and plaid.

We’re not telling you to avoid animal prints altogether, just that you should make sure the elements of your outfit work to complement one another. Not work against each other.

Choose a pattern or print you love and use it as a focal point for your outfit. Not only will you draw attention to where you want it, but it’s also a subtler approach to balancing your look.

5. Wear Heels You Can Walk In

“If the shoe fits, wear it…”

We’re sorry to say, but awkwardly stumbling around in too-small or too-tall heels will never be a good look. They may look amazing and go with your outfit, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, your look shall surely suffer.

So, take the hobble out of your step and put on a pair of shoes you know you can confidently strut your stuff in.

6. Be Yourself

We all have our own unique fashion needs and wants. Which is why it’s up to you to identify what works for you and what doesn’t. While we can help you with the latter, only you can find styles that resonate with your personality.

Focus on your strengths and you’ll be able to create a unique style to call your own.

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