How Do You Accessorise an Outfit for Every Occasion?

It’s a fact of life; different occasions warrant different accessories.

Accessories by themselves can transform a casual on-the-go outfit into something that radiates elegance and charm. It’s all about knowing which ones to pick. Here at Artigiano, we understand the power that accessories can have on your attire and have set out our very own guide on how to accessorise for every type of occasion.

Model in Floral Print Shirt with Matching Trousers & AccessoriesCasual Day Wear

Just because you’ve got nowhere to be, doesn’t mean you have to forego accessorising your outfit. There are lots of fashionably understated styles that are easy to pull off when you are looking to keep things casual, or on your way to the shops.

You can imbue an effortless sense of style into your look by simply coordinating the colours of your bag and belt. In this case, it’s a good idea to use calmer, more tranquil tones to not overdo it. If you do want to add some colour, then you can spice up your outfit with a vibrant women’s shawl.

Lunch Dates & Casual Get-Togethers

In terms of dress code, lunch dates and informal social gatherings tend to fall into the “Smart Casual” category. We’re talking elegant skirts, easy-going dresses and charming blouses.

The best way to accessorise for this type of occasion boils down to two simple words. Matching jewellery. Exquisite earrings, notable necklaces and beautiful bracelets all go a long way in elevating a seemingly casual outfit into something refined and sophisticated – without being too showy.

Smart casual can be a bit puzzling for some. Why not find some inspiration in our countryside retreat page?

Model in Coordinated Outfit with Matching Necklace and BraceletDinner Party

Dinner parties are a great excuse for getting out that black dress you love, but rarely have time for. On top of that, they’re also a fantastic opportunity to display your most cherished accessories and statement pieces.

Whether it’s a stunning collection of rings, layered necklaces or a classically chic clutch, remember to keep those look-at-me extras bold and vivacious, to ensure you remain the life and soul of the party.

Date Night

Pop the champagne, it’s date night! Which means you and your special someone are in serious need of some fine wining and dining.

‘What accessories should I wear?’ You might be asking. First things first, you’ll need a showstopping evening dress to act as a great foundation for your look. Next, you’ll want to go for just one piece of statement jewellery. You’ll also want to match this with your shoes and handbag. These three should all go together in colour and theme. A great tip for looking your best is to wear colours you’ve been complimented for in the past.

Whatever you do end up wearing, make sure it’s something you feel comfortable in. Romance and confidence do walk hand in hand after all. Plus, you don’t want to be sitting there fidgeting with your outfit all night.

Model in Silver Artigiano Longline Linen Jacket & Shimmer DressWeddings

Accessorising for weddings can be a delicate thing. The one thing to remember is that you don’t want to take away the spotlight from the bride.  Less is more in this regard.

Balance your outfit with a luxuriously made handbag and matching belt ensemble. Go for lighter, more reserved tones for a gracefully timeless style.

You can add further depth to your outfit by mixing in some playful ballet pumps and an Italian-made silk scarf. Keep your look polished by adding in some silver and gold jewellery. Whatever you do, don’t opt for all black. It’s a wedding, not a funeral.

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