This Holiday Season’s Go-To Accessory: The Clutch

Say goodbye to cumbersome handbags this festive season, and say hello to a handy accessory that will elevate your Christmas party outfit to something truly special. Namely, the clutch bag.

That’s not to say this bag has fallen out of fashion – quite the contrary! In fact, it has long since been favoured by the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge and other members of the royal family, both past and present.

What draws people and royalty alike to the clutch is its quintessential elegance and refined aesthetic. It may be small, but its impact is certainly not, and there’s nearly always a time and a place to show off this stylish accessory…

When to Use a Clutch Bag?

Night Blue and Silvery Evening Clutch BagClutch bags are ideal for dressy occasions where only your essentials are needed to be carried, which is why here at Artigiano, we absolutely adore using them for Christmas parties.

No one wants to be tied down by a bulky handbag as they mix and mingle with co-workers and friends. The clutch offers you the perfect party solution, as it affords an element of freedom other bags could only dream of.

If holding onto your bag all night isn’t for you, then don’t knock the clutch just yet. With its removable chain, you can wear it however you like.

What to Wear with a Clutch Bag

Rosé Artigiano Dress and Pink Artigiano ClutchMake no mistake about it, the clutch is ideal for adding that final flourish to your outfit. Figuring out which outfit that is on the other hand, is a whole other story. Having said that, the rule of thumb is to go for evening wear that is understated yet sophisticated, so as to not take away the clutch’s effect.

At Artigiano, our entire collection of dresses (both evening and jersey) work flawlessly with this wonderful accessory. Alternatively, you can check out our Italian Glitzoutfit for more inspiration on how to apply this wonderful bag to your party look.

Closing Thoughts

Eye-catching, versatile and stylish; these are the three principles every Christmas party accessory should embody, and the clutch meets that like no other. With its compact size and easy-going nature, this lightweight accessory will comfortably sit in your hand as you socialize. Even if the other hand is busy with a glass of bubbly.