What to wear on cool spring days: our 4 hot picks

What to wear on cool spring days: your essential guide

What to wear on cool spring days: your essential guide

The days may be getting longer and brighter, but spring can still be surprisingly chilly. From bright, frosty mornings to a flurry of snow in March or the occasional downpour, you need a seasonal wardrobe that will keep you warm, cosy and stylish this spring – whatever the weather.

With its fresh colours and new beginnings after a long, dark winter, spring is always a time to look forward to. But even though we are edging our way towards summer, it’s important to remember that this time of year can be unpredictable weather-wise. Read on for our take on some key 2020 trends and what to wear on cool spring days.

Versatile, fuss-free staples: your go-to pieces for cool spring days

A hard-working, versatile capsule wardrobe that can be layered for warmth and worn in any number of combinations to create different outfits, whatever the weather, is the foundation for your full range of spring looks.

When you are choosing your key pieces to wear on cool spring days, look for clean lines and an elegant, fuss-free silhouette. The tailoring for 2020 is easy-going and relaxed, which makes it oh-so-easy to add another layer underneath or over the top for extra warmth during cooler spells of spring weather.

Spring days and evenings can suddenly turn chilly – even quite late on in the season. So our advice is not to pack away your favourite winter accessories just yet. A well-chosen scarf, hat or pair of gloves in your signature colour will keep the cold at bay and underline your personal style.

Sustainability is the new watchword in fashion, so when buying your spring essentials that will take you through the cooler spells at this time of year, go for well-designed pieces in a quality fabric that will see you through several seasons. If you would like some inspiration for new pieces to add to your cold spring weather wardrobe, check out our Basic Capsule Wardrobe suggestions.

If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

According to a 2008 report by The BMJ, we can lose up to 10% of our body heat through our head. So choosing the right headgear is a fantastic way keep warm and cosy in cold spring weather – while at the same time adding your own individual flair to any outfit. Because when you are looking for what to wear on cool spring days, nothing projects confident chic quite like the right choice of headwear.

For a touch of relaxed panache, top your spring look off with a super-cute knitted hat that will take you anywhere. Of if you love a more individual, statement look, consider a fabulous baker boy cap in tweed to channel a retro 1970s vibe.

If you’re looking for something to complement your office outfits or more formal daywear, there are some beautifully stylish options to choose from. Woollen hats in sharply-tailored shapes immediately add a classic, movie star elegance to any outfit. While softer, slouchy-shaped hats made from wool and other natural fibres are universally flattering and feature clever designs such as ruching and appliqué embellishments for added interest. If you need a little help in finding the perfect hat for you, Artigiano has a great range of options to suit all face shapes and styles.

Just dotty about polka dots

Super-cute and stylish, polka dots are big news in 2020. And the great thing is that there is something for every fashion-conscious woman, whatever her personal style. Dresses, blouses, accessories and even polka dot patterned footwear are now featuring the latest versions of this much-loved classic design.

For a feminine touch that will take you anywhere in comfort and style, layer your favourite polka dot pieces under a stylish jacket, a pretty cardigan or a laid-back chunky sweater. The contrast of patterns, materials and texture adds freshness and interest to your look – and is guaranteed to keep you cosy on cool spring days.

Or for an easy way to add an on-trend touch to your favourite outfit on cold spring days, just add a polka dot accessory. A polka dot scarf goes brilliantly with a spring coat, jacket or knit and is an easy and cost-effective way to ring the changes with your look.

Leather: keep warm, look cool

If you are wondering what to wear on cool spring days, a stylish leather jacket is the perfect accessory to throw over a spring outfit for warmth, comfort – and more than a touch of glamour. And there is leather to suit everyone, no matter whether your preference is for the real thing or faux.

A classic biker jacket is the iconic accompaniment to jeans and boots for ultimate rock chick style. But it looks equally good worn casually over a pretty dress for an edgier, indie look that will make your summer dresses wearable during the cooler months too.

Smart blazer-style leather jackets are an excellent choice for what to wear in cold spring weather. These up-to-the-minute pieces are versatile enough to work with both more formal and casual looks, while giving you extra protection against the elements. Top off your office outfit with a well-cut leather blazer for a fresh take on work wear. Or go for a fabulous, full-length leather coat for traffic-stopping glamour that is guaranteed to turn heads when the weather is cold.

Don’t be fooled, summer may be getting closer – but it’s not here yet. Be ready for anything that the season may throw at you weather-wise with our top tips on what to wear on cool spring days.

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