5 Special Things to Do on Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and like the millions of couples out there, you’re looking for something special to do with your loved one. So, whether you’re planning to keep it small and thoughtful or doing something more unique, we have all sorts of romantic ideas for all you lovers out there.

Take a Nostalgic Trip Back to Your First-Date Venue

How fantastic would it be to return to that all-important place where the sparks began to fly, to visit that restaurant where you had your first date, or to go back to the park where you took your first stroll together? Pick a memorable destination that both you and your partner hold dear and take a trip down memory lane.

Surprise Your Partner with Breakfast in Bed

Continental Breakfast in Bed

This is one of the best-loved Valentine’s classics – and for good reason! Although it seems some may have forgotten how simple and effective this treat is, it’s really easy to do if mornings aren’t a problem for you. There probably isn’t a soul on earth who wouldn’t appreciate a surprise brekky in bed!

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset Together

Now, this may not seem like the most original of ideas and somewhat of a cliché, but it’s a tried and tested formula for success. You can get pretty creative with this one as you can mix it in with other couples’ activities, be it eating at a restaurant (window-side views are a must) or whilst sharing a romantic winter walk. If you do end up braving the weather, make sure you wrap up warm.

Go to a Terrarium-Making Class

Go one step further than simply giving your partner flowers and get in on one of London’s newest trends; terrarium making. Learn how to build your own horticultural treat that, like your love, won’t be left wilting after a week or two. London florist Grace & Thorn hosts regular terrarium-making classes that are fun, easy to pick up and is perfect for those looking for an activity to do with your partner that is a bit outside the box.

Visit a Luxury Cinema for a Romantic Film

Soppy films and Valentine’s Day are a match made in heaven. So why not spice up this year-round tradition by taking it to a luxury cinema? These bourgeois style cinemas can make a world of difference to your movie watching experience.

Don’t Stop There!

Check out both our amazing selection of European destinations and International destinations for 2019 if you’re thinking of going that extra mile – or thousands in this case! And wherever your Valentine’s Day plans take you, make sure you get there in style with Artigiano’s latest selection of Italian-inspired fashion.