Glamorous Make Up for All Your Special Occasions

There is no age limit to the wonderful world of makeup. In this tutorial we will guide you through the steps on how to create a marvellous and full-on glamourous look for all your special occasions.

Prep your Skin

Before you start applying your make up make sure you’ve got a clean face! Starting with a clean face is absolutely essential to having a healthy skin and to achieving the perfect glam look, so make sure you’ve washed and moisturised your face. Next, use a primer of your choice to smooth and make your makeup last all day. Once your primer is set, you can move on to your foundation.

All About The Base

Woman Putting on Make-UpIt’s all about the base when trying to achieve the perfect glam look. Apply your favourite foundation using either a beauty blender or your fingers to evenly blend in your foundation for a flawless, full-coverage look. To top off your base, apply concealer (one shade lighter than your foundation) underneath your eyes in a triangular shape and softly blend in the product in a doted motion. Afterwards, do spot concealing on areas you would like to conceal like acne marks, dark spots etc.

Once your base is fully set you can move on to powdered products. For a bronzed, glow look, we advise to use bronzer, blush and highlighter. Make sure you use shades that match your skin tone. To find out what skin tone you are and what make-up flatters which skin tone best click here.

With the excess on a brush, press your blush on the apples of your cheeks and towards the hairline. Our tip: a cream blush is a double delight, working as a moisturiser and highlighter leaving the skin extra smooth and hydrated. For extra glow and a radiant finish, apply a small amount of highlighter on the tip of your cheek bones and your nose. If you want to make sure your make up stays on all day, use a fixing spray once all the products are set.

Next – Eyebrows

Eyebrows are just as important as any other area of your face as they really frame your face and help you achieve a more youthful look. We recommend filling in your brows with an eyebrow pencil, however, if you’re used to using brow gels and powder, those are great too – whatever works best for you.

Eye Makeup

Golden EyelinerIf you really like to go all out with your glam look, there is no way of getting around a dramatic eye makeup. Start off with a light shade all over your eye lid following across the ash line and up following the shade of your crease. You can either use a makeup brush to apply your eyeshadow or softly dab in the product with your fingers. A light base really opens up your eyes making them appear bigger.

Next, chose a darker shade for the crease of your eyes adding depth to them. To top off your eye makeup, go back to a lighter shade and go over the eyes and into the tip of your eyes to really brighten up your look for a dramatic glammed up appearance.

For a finishing touch we recommend an extra bit of sparkle in the form of a gold-coloured eyeliner or follow the latest trends and use a coloured, metallic eyeliner. For a long-lasting look, we recommend you using waterproof mascara. If you have very fair lashes or short lashes, apply false ones.

Add the Finishing Touches

Woman Applying Red LipstickLastly, round off your look with lipstick. Use a lipliner if you want to make your lips appear bigger. Draw into the edges of your lips and add height on the cupid’s bow, but make sure to also add width on the corners of the lips to even out the look. Then apply your lipliner all over the lip. Now just apply the lipstick of your choice. To achieve a full-on glam look, we recommend bold and bright colours.

To make sure you’re glammed up from top to toe, add a little sparkle to your nails. Depending on how much attention you would like to draw to your nails, either opt for a classic dark red or apply a clear base coat on your nails and then top it off with a sparkly top coat if you like to go all out.

And here you have it – you are all glammed up and ready to dance the night away! Have a wonderful & glamorous evening!