How to Improve Memory and Concentration: 5 Best Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Why Is It Important to Have a Healthy Brain?

Having a healthy brain boasts a wealth of benefits, from keeping your mind sharp as you age to boosting your overall intelligence. It can even help reduce stress, boost motivation and productivity, and give you a more all-round positive outlook.

It’s your brain’s plasticity that allows it to adapt and change, even as you get older. But to achieve this, you need to keep it on its toes. To help you do that, we will go through some of the most effective tips for improving your brain’s health, so you can feel mentally sharper and cognitively stronger.

1. Regular Exercise

Older Men & Women Performing YogaWhile it may seem obvious, some may not know the far-reaching impact regular exercise can have on the brain. Most scientists will agree that frequent workouts decrease the mental deterioration that is associated with ageing.

Intense physical activity can also battle the onset of certain neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. One of the ways it does this is by stimulating the brain’s ability to maintain old neuro networks as well as make new ones.

The ideal workout plan for keeping your brain in shape involves a mixture of cardio exercise and strength training. Activities we would recommend include walking, swimming, cycling, weight lifting, yoga and anything else that will help get your heart beating.

2. Healthy Diet and Nutrition

Table Spread of Healthy Unprocessed Foods

“You are what you eat.” Truer words have never been spoken.

This tip goes hand in hand with regular exercise and can help improve blood flow to and from the brain. It’s not rocket science. Just make sure you have regular meals, that includes more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. It can also help to quit smoking and reduce your intake of alcohol.

3. Learn Something New

Senior Woman Learning How to Paint

Brains are known to get very lazy over time. Without any form of intellectual stimuli, it can begin to fall into automation, and consequently, cause you to use less brain power. This is why it’s good to reinvigorate it every once in a while by pushing yourself to learn something new.

Some of the best ways of doing this are by learning new skills or picking up new hobbies. These can be anything from learning a new language or musical instrument to finding a new pastime such as yoga (remember that exercise is always good) or even a cooking class.

4. Socialise More

Group of People Socialising Together

Studies suggest that socializing can potentially stimulate multiple areas of your brain. Although, it’s not as easy as that. Simply seeing your close friends, while good for your mental health, may not give you the health benefits you desire.

To do it properly, you’ve got to test yourself by meeting new people and being exposed to different walks of life. It can be tricky, but the best way to meet these types of people is by volunteering, joining a club, taking part in exercise classes, or just by getting in touch with distant family and friends you don’t see or hear from that often.

What’s more, on top of keeping your brain spry, you will also be opening up your mind to new perspectives and ideas.

5. Try Meditation

Woman Meditating Outside

Studies from well-regarded institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard praise the benefits that can arise from mindful meditation. Even companies like Google, Apple and Nike see the overall positive effects it can give, going as far as providing their employees with structured meditation programs.

This thousand-year-old form of mental exercise works wonders for creating new neural pathways in the brain, along with improving cognitive abilities and increasing mental flexibility. Research has also been shown to suggest that meditation might even increase the capacity of working memory.

There’s no denying it; physical exercise, healthy diet, and different types of cognitive workouts can all help give you a healthier brain. For more health advice check out the 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea + How to Make It.


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