Five simple ways to update your home without spending a fortune

Everyone knows that home is where the heart is, so it’s essential that you love the space you live in. Whatever your taste and style, even the most beautifully-decorated home will benefit from a refresh once in a while. Follow our simple, cost-effective tips to find out how to update your home and transform your living space without breaking the bank.

The sort of update that will work best for you will depend on a number of different factors. You may fancy giving a favourite room a whole new look, or perhaps you want to update your home to reflect the latest home décor trends. Or perhaps you are revamping your house before putting it on the market. Whatever your motivation, what you do and how much you are prepared to invest will be guided by your objectives, your vision and your budget.

1. Decluttering: the easiest way to update your home

Decluttering is a brilliant place to start when you want to update your home. It’s an often overlooked first step and can be very underrated. It’s highly effective and, of course, free – and if you are willing to invest a little time in the process, it may even earn you some money for your other home décor projects.

Woman taking pictures of her second hand clothes

Take a good, honest look at your house. If there are things spilling out of cupboards and wardrobes aren’t shutting properly, it’s definitely time for a declutter. Too much stuff makes a house seem smaller and the atmosphere can feel stressful and less welcoming. So it could be that your first, most effective step might be a good clear out.

Go through bulging wardrobes and discard anything that you haven’t worn in the past twelve months. If you have the time and patience, sell your things on one of the many online sites now available, or take them to a local charity shop and help raise some money for a good cause.

2. New textiles: update your home on a budget

For a low-cost, low-hassle facelift to your living room or bedroom, invest in some new cushions, throws or covers give your space a fresh look. Add scatter cushions in this season’s favourite shade for accents of up-to-the-minute colour to brighten things up. Transform the look of your living space by covering a sofa or bed with a stunning patterned throw or give your furniture a makeover by investing in some new covers. You will be amazed at what a difference a few small changes will make to the overall look of your rooms.

And best of all, you don’t need to spend a fortune or balance precariously for hours up a step ladder. A visit to your favourite shop or a few clicks online are all it takes to update your home.

3. A fresh light on the matter

Installing uplighters, spots or ambient lighting is a simple and cost-effective way to update your home. Add table or standard lamps next to your favourite seat for a softer, more flattering light and to create a cosy, intimate feel to your room and greater versatility in your lighting options.

Living room lighting inspirations

Lighting systems are more economical than ever to run. With clever new technologies, you also can create an entirely different atmosphere with just a little inspiration and a few well-positioned lights. Even better, the latest energy-saving bulbs mean that you won’t have to worry about constantly changing them.

Showcase a favourite piece of furniture by picking it out with spots, or install LED lighting strips (also known as LED tape) to add accents of light inside display cabinets or along mirrors or mantelpieces for an individual touch. Dimmer switches are also handy for adjusting the light according to your need and mood. Dial things up if you need a good light to read or work by and down to create the perfect romantic ambience for a quiet evening in.

4. Transform your space with a lick of paint

If you are up for a bigger home décor project and are handy with a paint or pasting brush, a fresh lick of paint or a change of wallpaper is a guaranteed way to update your living space with a whole new look and feel.

Pale neutrals will make the room appear more spacious, while the latest colours will give a cutting-edge ambience to your home. Adding a feature wall in a gorgeous pattern or statement shade will draw the eye and add interest.

If you are in any doubt, it is always a good idea to try out a sample of your chosen colour before committing to painting the whole room. But if you are the adventurous type, just go for it!

5. Simple updates for your kitchen and bathroom

Experts suggest that refreshing your kitchen and bathroom are some of the most lucrative updates you can make to your home – especially if you are looking to maximise your profits when selling your property. But even if you have no intention of moving, a few easy measures will lift the atmosphere in your home.

Kitchen decoration ideas

While a complete remodelling of the kitchen and bathroom can be very expensive, there are lots of things that you can do to enhance your living spaces on a budget and update your home.

Removing and replacing any mouldy or worn grouting and seals will instantly freshen things up. Don’t worry about ripping out and replacing old cupboards, which can be expensive and disruptive, fitting new doors and possibly new work surfaces is a much cheaper option to transform your home décor.

If space is an issue, well-positioned mirrors and clever lighting will make small rooms seem much bigger, brighter and airier.

If now is the time to update your home, follow our five handy tips and be confident of refreshing your home décor with maximum impact and minimum hassle, and without breaking the bank. Good luck with your next home update project.

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