What Your Clothes Say About Your Lifestyle

Our lifestyles demand a lot from us, particularly when it comes to what we wear. Finding the right outfit for the right time and the right place can be a tricky process, but not an impossible one.

At Artigiano, our passion for beautiful clothes and timeless fashion has resulted in a vast selection of stylish and versatile outfits that not only reflect your way of living, but also cater towards it.

What to Wear for That Special Occasion

Confetti Being Thrown Over a Bride and GroomThroughout the year you’ll find yourself attending a variety of get-togethers – be they family or simply social. And invariably you’ll end up asking yourself, “what should I wear?” Artigiano’s answer to this age-old question, as always, is “it depends”.

As a rule of thumb, you should always dress according to the mood of the event. Occasions, whatever they may be, dictate what you should wear. If you’re ever unclear on what attire will be appropriate, you can save yourself the worry by asking the host.

Weddings are among the first things that come to mind when thinking of special occasions and can come in a variety of shapes and forms. Our weddings page is filled with elegant outfit ideas for every type of ceremony. For those taking place in the day, we recommend bright colours with lightweight fabrics, and for receptions occurring later, we suggest going for a darker hue for your evening wear. You’ll want to blend in, so as to not take the spotlight away from the bride, this means white is completely out of the question!

Even though the custom of dressing up for events such as the opera, ballet or the theatre may belong to a bygone era, it is still nice to add a little glitz and glamour to your own outfit when going out. From dinner parties to eating out, our special occasions page are filled with classic styles that easily adapt to every kind of occasion.

How to get the Sports Luxe and the “Athleisure” Look

Casually Dressed Woman in Sports Luxe OutfitHealthy living is now on everyone’s mind as more people are making an effort to keep things healthy and casual. This shift in attitude has brought about a higher demand for the sports luxe and “athleisure” style.

“Athleisure” is a recent trend in fashion industry that all began with the advent of yoga pants. This movement is all about transforming your athletic wear into everyday wear, boiling down to one simple concept: fashion infused with functionality.

Fitness-conscious consumers are craving practical and more convenient wardrobes that reflect their own dynamic and active lifestyle. You want outfits that not only work for athletic activities, but also for other settings such as the office, relaxing days at home and casual social occasions – all without the need to change.

At Artigiano we avoid using clingy and uncomfortable feeling fabrics in our collections – instead we make clothes that are a pleasure to wear no matter the situation. Our leggings, for example, offer you ease of movement during any activity, are highly breathable, and still also flatter your figure. They provide the perfect solution for those looking for an effortless look with a spirit of athleticism.

Our luscious line of stylish trainers can also bring a dash of sports luxe to your look. A pair of fun and functional lightweight sneakers could be just the thing you need to get you from your session in the gym to an easy-going lunch with your friends.

What to Wear When Travelling

Casually Dressed Woman in Airport Departure LoungeTravelling – as fun as it is – can take its toll on us, both mentally and physically (not that we’ll ever let that stop us).

When you reach your holiday destination, you want to look and feel wonderful – which is why a large selection of Artigiano’s clothes are made with the travelling woman in mind.

Our holiday fashion page, for instance, is a treasure trove of style ideas that will see you on your way as you jet set across the globe. The designs that can be found here are bursting with personality and wouldn’t look out of place at a candlelit dinner along the Champs-Élysées, or on a sun-drenched beach in the Caribbean.

Our collection of jersey dresses make for perfect holiday companions due to the fact they are highly breathable, pack to nothing and are crease resistant. Thanks to the lovely softness of premium Italian jersey, they offer a luxurious yet relaxed choice for your travels that is highly versatile. These are dresses that will get you from the plane to the pool without changing a thing.

We also use lightweight linen blends in our dresses and skirts. This natural fibre is ideal for creating a style that is laidback and easy to wear, with a touch of stretch so it keeps its shape throughout the day, even when temperatures soar.

To Sum It All Up

Whatever lifestyle you choose, make sure what you wear not only reflects it, but supports it. Whether it’s dressing up or dressing down, you’ll find something in Artigiano’s timeless collection that will make you look and feel wonderful.

Are you interested in seeing this season’s latest additions? Head on over to our new collections page to find out.