Luxe Layering

          If you do one thing this season,

             invest in a wonderful coat.


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        An insight into how Artigiano 'Ultimate'

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                 Winter Trends                                  From everyday to occasion                                  Modern Glamour
´       Luxe sets the trend for a glamorous                Soft and chic as can be, our Italian jacquard-knit      Glamour return for the party season, but there´s

                          winter ahead.                                             jacket is such a versatile anchor piece.                       a new option in polished informality.                                                                                                                                                 


                 Miles of Style                                       The Hidden Benefits                                            It's all in the Detail
´       An insight into the well-travelled                       We revels the secrets behind our clothes                We believe that wonderful shoes and bags are

               life of an artigiano buyer.                                                                                                                   essential building blocks of your wardrobe.


              Autumn Trousers                                                      Autumn Trends                                                    Keyword: Quality

  " I have bought Artigiano jeans many times                                          As summer fades Autumn heralds                                                Find out how we maintain our high
and am always very satisfied with the look and                                                a new mood in fashion.                                                                  quality season after season.

                         the fit."

 DRESS FOR THE SEASON                      LATE SPRING TRENDS                             SUMMER DRESSES

          The key Dress styles you need in                                Our designed Janet Fox takes us                                   Summer Dresses with an
              your wardrobe this season                                    through the must have Trends of the                                         Italian twist


         MEET THE STYLIST                             YOU ARE INVITED                             YOUR COMPLETE WEEKEND

     An interview with our stylist Maria                          Wedding and special Occasion style                          Our pick of the season must have
                             Bonet                                                                       by Artigiano                                                             weekend Looks


            PERFECT PINS                                      NEW LOOK SPRING                             BEHIND THE SCENES

             Put a spring in your step                                     Our designer Janet takes us through                      Take a peek behind the Scenes of our
                                                                                             the new seasons must have trend
                                       Spring photoshoot


SUMMER 2016 TRENDS                        SHOW STOPPERS                                   MUST-HAVE JERSEY

Why not kick-start summer with a                              Take the Party season by storm                                 Our pick of the season top Jersey
fresh new look? Here are                                          with pieces from our glamorous                                                     pieces
the seasons to trends                                                          winter collection 


           JEWEL PURPOSE                                          EASILY SUEDE                                   WINTER 2016 TRENDS

     Custom-made Italian Statement                                              Luxury made practical                                            Our designer Janet takes us
                       Jewellery                                                                                                                                                through the season's biggest

       THE GREAT COVER UP                           SHOE OF THE SEASON                             PONTE ROMA

            With autumn's chill on the                                              Comfortable run-around                                          Share our passion and
               way, now's the perfect                                                     classics with exciting                                            discover Ponte Roma for
                      and comfort.                                                                           twists.                                                                    yourself


           AUTUMN TROUSERS                              TECHNO-STRETCH                             3 WAYS TO WEAR - POLO
                                                                                     TROUSERS                                                       SHIRTS

                    The key leg shapes for                                                  Whilst we all love                                                         Our polo top, from our
                               autumn                                                          tradition, here's proof it                                                  hugely popular Weekend
                                                                                                     pays not to be stuck in the                                                  Collection is a great
                                                                                                                       past                                                                  wardrobe-building piece


      IT'S ALL IN THE DETAIL                              3 WAYS TO WEAR -                          AUTUMN 2016 TRENDS
                                                                                   SHIRT DRESS

         Artigiano is renowned for                                                     All our dresses are                                             Our Deigner Janet takes
              great-fitting figure                                                       inspired by Italy , yet cut                                        us through the biggest 
                flattering clothes                                                             for British women                                                 trends of the season


           SUMMER HOLIDAY                                                         

              The pieces you simply                                                                                                        
            can't travel without this