...and why it's vero amore for us.

With over 20 years' experience in delivering Italian style to British women, we're
passionate about clothes that give confidence, deliver quality and bring years of
pleasure. A big part of that has been about sourcing the very best fabrics on offer,
and one that really stands out is Ponte Roma. 

Conceived in Italy and named after the Roman bridge arches whose loop structure
it resembles when magnified, Ponte Roma is a firm, stable double knit jersey often
incorporating elastane (always for us). The result is a fabric with luxe good looks
and day-to-night versatility, yet a ‘body' and ‘hold' that supports and skims, gives a
lovely flattering fit, feels stretchy and comfortable to wear and gives great shape
recovery. Oh, and it washes like a dream too.

With this dress you can step out in Italian style con fiducia e fascino - with confidence and allure!
Invested with all our figure-flattering knowhow from the soft yet supportive Ponte Roma Jersey.


Slim, stretchy, leg lengthening... What's not to love? In structured Italian Ponte Roma with pocket jeans
styling and a sleek slim leg shape, we created the trousers to straddle the gap between leggings and
tailored trousers.


Love the look of a blazer but don't compromise on comfort? This one's for you. One thing Italian women will
never do is make themselves uncomfortable in the name of fashion, so follow their stylish lead with this
Ponte Roma Jacket.