Advanced Hi-Tech Italian Stretch


Technology is shaping the world we live in, but it's not just the obvious
places like space travel and medicine where it's making an impact.
Innovations in textile manufacturing are also creating a buzz and we're
delighted to be part of it.

One fabric that's been developed with new technologies is the outstanding
stretch blend we use for our leggings and ankle-length trousers. Sourced
from one of Italy's leading mills, the advanced fabric has a beautifully
luxe and stylish look and a lovely hand-feel. It's easycare, wrinkle
resistant, breathable and thermos-reflective, so it reduces heat loss and
reflects radiant heat to improve comfort in all conditions. And that touch
of elastane? This provides comfortable stretch, gives a beautiful curve-
skimming fit and guarantees great shape recovery wash after wash.

So, whilst we all love tradition, here's proof it pays not to be stuck in the


Everything we all love about leggings, just sleeker and dressier for being woven,
these are perfect to balance the season’s loose tunics and cosy knits.


Show you’re in the fashion know with these flattering ankle-grazer trousers.
Both stylish and comfortable, the fabric smooths the leg and skims the curves.