It's all in the details

They say you can tell everything about a person from what they wear on their feet. We’re not sure
about that, but our new season trainers certainly say all the right things: comfort without compromise
to style, and classic with a fun modern twist.

And whilst the style may be casual, there’s a wealth of quality and tradition in the making. Crafted at
one of Italy’s leading workshops, where they’ve been making quality footwear for over 20 years, the
trainers use the finest suede and are constructed for comfort, to give you expansion in the forefront and
support in the heel. Then, for a catwalk finish, we added a liberal scattering of sequins, a shimmer of
gold, and the colourful nubbliness of tweed. Choose your favourite and enjoy every step.

We still offer the original Ultimate trousers in fresh new colours every collection. They remain run-
away best sellers. Our jeans and dresses improve each season too, whether it's updating the fabric or a
dding new styles and leg shapes, while the core element – the Ultimate construction – remains