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Twin set staples: versatile wardrobe pieces taking you from work to play in style

This versatile garment will take you from work to play. Twin sets are the perfect addition for any wardrobe. Create a sophisticated ensemble for the office or dress down for a laid-back weekend look. This is a staple piece for any fashion-conscious woman.

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Twin sets: classic, versatile knitwear for fashionable women

What is now thought to be the centrepiece of feminine British elegance caused quite a stir when it was first designed in the 1930s: the twin set. The versatile two-piece was an instant success, and no wonder. With a twin set, women are always suitably and elegantly dressed. But the stylish allrounders can be casual, sporty or glamourous – just like the women who wear them.

Artigiano‘s ladies‘ twin sets: classic or contemporary

Timeless knit twin sets: the fashionable duo

A wide range of styles to choose from

Keeping your quality twin set beautiful for a long time

Delightful shopping the Italian way – online at Artigiano!

Artigiano’s ladies‘ twin sets: classic or contemporary

Where British elegance meets Italian fashion, twin sets are centre stage. The timeless classics are perfect nearly everywhere and can be styled to suit women of all ages. What‘s more, the beloved knitwear is ideal as a transitional piece and both garments can be worn separately as well. The range of ladies‘ twin sets at Artigiano is representative of our mission to give our customers the highest quality, superb designs and always the perfect fit.

Timeless knit twin sets: the fashionable duo

You can‘t go wrong with a cardigan twin set, no matter the occasion. Wear your new twin set casual with jeans, sneakers and a tote bag for leisure or with a pencil skirt, black pumps and an elegant briefcase for a completely professional outfit. The chic duo is always an impressively feminine combination. Since both garments of a twin set can be worn separately they are also good to match other items.

The secret of harmony

What‘s the secret that makes twin sets so enormously successful and keeps them going with a contemporary twist? A twin set is an ensemble consisting of a knit sweater or cardigan jacket and a blouse or shirt top. What is special is that both garments are perfectly matched in material and colours. Thus, a twin set appears so harmonious that it seems like a single piece.

Usually knitwear twin sets are tailored to fit closely featuring a classic hip-length. In most cases, the cardigan is a bit longer than the blouse or sweater worn underneath, to prevent these garments from peeking out at the hem. The neck may be round or a V-neck, most times the sweater has a round neckline with the cardigan opting for the V-shape to give the garment below an opportunity to show. The knit is fine, using quality yarns that barely show the stitches. For some time, colours have tended to be pastels, and patterns – if they are used – are also rather restrained. However, contemporary twin sets are beginning to set new standards with bold colour and innovative designs.

A wide range of styles to choose from

At Artigiano, twin sets come in very different styles and versions. Design, material and cut contribute to overall effect. While the classic fine knit is still extremely popular, other varieties are gaining ground rapidly.

Casual women twin sets

For a casual look a twin set matches elegance and sportiness. It allows you to appear entirely at ease, but well-groomed nonetheless. The knit should be fine, one of the garments may be patterned and the other one plain. Fabrics for casual twin sets can be cotton or cotton blend. Casual twin sets look good with jeans and especially sporty with sneakers, but ⅞ trousers with moccasins or ballerinas work well, too.

Elegant twin sets for ladies

Elegant twin sets were immortalised by movie stars like Audrey Hepburn. Go for a figure-hugging cut with a round neck and soft colours, at best identical for both garments and without patterns. The materials should be of the highest quality – cashmere or angora convey a timeless message. Such an ensemble is complemented by pleated trousers, a pencil skirt or a pleated skirt with pumps. Just the right outfit for the office, for an upscale event or an evening out at the theatre.

Fashionably twinned

Not all twin sets are knitwear: For a contemporary twist on the beloved classic opt for eye-catching patterns or decorations like sequins, and deep necklines for the top. The jacket should fall loosely to the middle of your thighs. Bold colours or unconventional materials like velvet are another stylish remake of the elegant knits. Such outstanding twin sets look good with jeans, but also with leggings or women‘s trousers.

Keeping your quality twin set beautiful for a long time

To properly maintain the freshness and beauty of your twin set, you should first read the washing instructions on the manufacturer's label. Not all materials need washing, and some require dry cleaning!

  • Twin sets made from cotton and cotton blend fabrics may go into the washing machine, both coarse and fine knits, but check the care label for the maximum temperature. With the delicate cycle one can‘t go wrong.
  • Natural wool has a self-cleaning effect. The fibres don‘t absorb dirt or odours, especially with quality wool like cashmere, mohair or new wool. Such garments can be hung out to air. If the twin set needs to be cleaned, it should be done in the wool or delicate cycle with a mild detergent especially for woollen garments.
  • Whenever you wash your twin set, do so inside out. Fine knits benefit from the additional protection of a laundry net.
  • Spread the twin set to dry horizontally on a towel for best results.

Delightful shopping the Italian way – online at Artigiano!

Browsing our collections to find your perfect twin set should be a delight. From first click to final checkout at Artigiano we strive to give you a smooth shopping experience truly worthy of the Italian flair and quality of our garments. Find your outfit and feel free to turn to our friendly customer service with any questions you might have. Complete your purchase comfortably, paying with a UK credit or debit card, and unpack your stylish twin set within a few days!


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