7 Interior Design Tips Perfect for Any Home

Whether it’s your family home, a complete renovation or a quick update, there are so many aspects of interior design to consider before you start. From furniture and furnishing, to colour palettes and accessories, keeping track of it all can be overwhelming. Having your own interior designer would make it easier, but where’s the fun in that?

Artigiano is here to help by compiling some of our most cherished interior design tips and secrets, so you can get started on transforming your space into something you can be even more proud of.

1) How to Pick a Colour Palette for Your Home

A Desk Covered with Home Colour Palette IdeasFirst things first, you need to commit yourself to a colour scheme that you’re happy to apply throughout your entire home. Deciding on this can be touch-and-go at first, but after some careful deliberation the right combination should reveal itself to you.

Using a mood board to better understand what hues work and don’t work together will save you from regretting your decisions further down the road. When deciding, go for colours that you are naturally drawn to instead of picking what is trendy. Remember that this is a room for you, not everyone else.

Just remember to keep in mind how each room will work in balance with one another. This doesn’t mean everything must look the same. Allow your colourway to play out differently in each room for a smorgasbord of satisfying tonal blends.

2) How to Decorate Your Home with Contrasting Colours

It can be worthwhile limiting yourself to just one strong tone (or pattern) to give your interiors a clean yet restrained effect. An easy way to do this is by balancing saturated colours with white and other neutral tones.

You can also use these deep or intense hues to highlight unique architectural details, such as beams, banisters and alcoves. Alternatively, you could instead utilise contrasting colours with your furniture or other standout accessories to the same effect.

3) How to Add Texture to a Room

Light Teal Living RoomFor times when you feel a room is too neutral and lacking in character, add texture. Let your imagination run wild and go for options with unique and visually stimulating surfaces that you may not have considered before.

Blending together lustrous sheen with matte finishes will get you contrasting surfaces that create depth and complement one another. To get that rough and raw look, go for more natural materials rich in natural patina.

You can achieve this simple effect by combining bare plaster, exposed brick or parquet flooring with variety of materials such as fine-gauge and open-weave linen, raw silk, wool and sheep skin, or this season’s go-to – distressed velvet. You can then build upon these by using organic floor coverings, straw baskets, and wood panelling.

Add a little bling to your home with glitter and metallic finishes. Their reflective surfaces are perfect for giving off the illusion of a bigger space, which leads into my next tip…

4) How to Use Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

A simple yet highly effective decorative trick that interior designers have kept secret for years is the use of a well-placed mirror (or mirrored surface). This easy addition can and has been used with great success to add more dimension to a room.

Ensure that you hang them strategically in the room for an optimal effect. In front of a lavish chandelier or by the front door are all brilliant places for making your space look larger, brighter and more inviting.

5) Love your Accessories

Living Room with AccessoriesOn top of being a functional place to live, your home should also showcase your personality. Whether it’s beloved trinkets, vases, antiques, artwork, family heirlooms or other unique finds, go ahead and show off what you love! Not only will they add personality to your interiors, they can also work as fantastic decorations.

Another great thing about accessories is that you can change them up with the seasons. You won’t need to go out to and buy an entire new set of furniture if you find yourself getting bored of a certain room’s look. Spice things up with some new pillows or throws, along with a charming geometric rug to act as a room’s central showstopper.

Finding the right balance between being too minimal and too cluttered can take a bit of experimenting. After all, you don’t want your rooms looking too busy or too plain.

6) How Do I Choose a Sofa?

When you get right down to it, a sofa is the heart of any living room. Which is why choosing the right sofa is a task that should not be treated lightly.

When deciding, you should go for something you love but you know will also stand the test of time. If there’s one thing that you should spend a majority of your budget on, it’s this.

For long-lasting styles you’ll never grow tired of, go for design classics and traditional pieces that have crisp silhouettes. Remember you can still change it up with clever use of accessories.

7) Don’t Rush Yourself

Couch and Wooden table SetOne of the most important things to take away from all this is to take your time and let things happen naturally. Styles and flattering combinations you hadn’t planned on might naturally appear out of nowhere and take you by surprise.

Be sure to remember that your home is a living canvas that will evolve with you, just like your taste in fashion. It’s a gradual process turning it into something you love, but one that is ultimately rewarding.